Pets Know Best (Part II)
Thu, 06/07/2012 - 7:05pm

Cats and dogs everywhere have reached a consensus: There's no better place to hang than on a beautiful Oriental carpet. Check out some of our patrons' four-legged friends enjoying their favorite O'Bannon purchases.



"Here we see Izzy getting ready for her post-breakfast nap time.  She is so fond of the piece that when the position of the rug is changed for any reason, she becomes visibly irked until it's returned to an accessible position. Izzy has good taste, as I fondly call this piece my Rothko rug."

-Lance Wyatt, IT Manager



"I came home from work one day to Fleur relaxing on this rug. She looked up and said: "Mom, I know I'm not allowed on the table but this isn't really the table-- it's a rug, and I love it!"

-Gretchen Wyatt, PCA Accountant 





Posted By Kristen