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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 4:17pm



Lance Wyatt is the friend you call when your computer comes down with a mysterious case of the sniffles. He’s an IT manager, or as he puts it: “a professional geek.” He met Kristen through his wife, Gretchen, who worked with her at the CMU library. After graduating from college, the couple bought several rugs from O’Bannon and have been patronizing the shop ever since. Lance favors bold, masculine rugs with stark colors, but says he might consider some of the more intricately patterned pieces if he ever bought a castle.


How would you characterize your décor?


Modern, contemporary.


What’s your favorite room in the house?


I’d say the sunroom. There’s actually three gabbehs in there. [Gretchen and I] are patrons of the arts, but we probably buy more rugs than anything.


If you had to pick one rug to take home today, which would it be?


[Gabbeh pictured left.] It’s soft, mild and calm, but the coolest thing about it is the way you almost get this sort of gradient in the geometric shapes that weaves in and out. I’m drawn to geometric patterns. That might just be the computational side of my personality. 


What’s your favorite decorative object?


The Turkish Evil Eye. I think is supposed to ward off evil spirits. There’s something arcane about them that gives them sort of an odd feel. I’ve always thought they were cool.


Are you superstitious at all?


As one of those people of science you say no, but in the back of my mind yes. Do you tempt fate? No. [Laughs] 


Where would this go in your house?


Somewhere where the cats couldn’t get it. Probably on a mantle.  


-Andrea O. Bullard


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