Instant (And Permanent) Gratification for Your Garden
Fri, 03/30/2012 - 5:08pm

Even the most vigorous perennials aren’t all that dependable when you consider all that can happen in any given garden season. The beloved daylilies emerge anew in March, green and vivacious, only to be ravaged by insects in June, deer in July and drought in August, until all that remains of once lush flower is a spiral of crispy brown curls. This, dear readers, is why we hardscape. 


Planting a few intriguing objects in the midst of a perennial garden assures permanent beauty in an unpredictable climate. Even if everything that can go wrong does go wrong, an old granite millstone (top left) will still be standing; handsome and unscathed. Hardscaping is also a terrific way to add structure, texture and contrast to a garden. Our granite millstones and donuts will make the green stuff pop when positioned at the foreground or background of plants. 


Find a spot for one of our versatile stone lanterns as well (2nd from top left). They’ll add another dimension to your bed. If you like, you can even alter their function from season to season. Place a small potted plant at their middle one year; an incense burner the next.    

Once you’ve situated the larger items, nestle one of our adorable yet sophisticated stone critters towards the front of the bed amidst the tendrils of a low-growing or creeping plants. We have rabbits, squirrels (2nd from bottom left), hedgehogs, cardinals, wrens and decorative finials (bottom left) made of a blend of cement, granite, and quartz that won’t discolor. 


A word to the wise: This stuff is heavy. You’ll want to bring at least one other person with you when you make your selections. 


Pricing: Millstones, $100. Lanterns, $225. Stone Critters, $30-55.

-Andrea O. Bullard


Posted By Kristen