Inspirational Vocabulary (Lanolin)
Sun, 05/20/2012 - 11:48pm



The lexicon of Oriental carpets gives us many sumptuous words on which to feast: words like abrash, amulet, weft and lanolin; words like Soumac and spandrel, kilim and Qashqai. At Kristen’s suggestion, I plucked three words from her glossary and used them as inspiration for three pieces of flash fiction. Today's word, the third and final of the bunch, is "lanolin." 


Lanolin- the natural oil in sheep’s wool that protects the rug, keeping it lush, lustrous and flexible


To the left you'll find two close-ups of a shimmery gabbeh runner that owes its rich, creamy texture to the presence of lanolin. The rug feels simply divine underfoot. Stop in the shop, kick off your sandals and see for yourself. It makes a great landing pad for beside the bed.


The word lanolin got me thinking about preservation, and the ways in which humans attempt to preserve both youthfulness and tradition. You’ll find the first and second installments posted below. Happy reading!


The summer she turned thirty-five, Cora began to apply the night cream the way her mother did and her grandmother had and her daughter, only six, someday would. They were a family of routine and ritual. Tea in the afternoon, Christmas at Nana Rosemary’s, the beach house in the summer. Each woman grew into the woman who had gone before her, staving off the wrinkles into her sixties, serious, complacent, brave in times of crisis. “I want to go to the mountains this year,” Cora’s little girl said at breakfast one morning. “I want to look for fossils in the woods.” Maggie had entered a defiant phase that Cora hoped would end very soon. “But you love the beach,” said Cora. “All the pretty seashells.” Maggie guzzled her milk and spat it back into her glass. Cora told herself to stay calm. Getting too emotional, her mother always said, was bad for the skin. Once they got to the beach, Maggie would forget all about the mountains. She would forget the silly fossils in the woods


Gabbeh measures 2.07x9.05' and retails at $2575.00.  


-Andrea O. Bullard



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