Inspirational Vocabulary (Amulet)
Mon, 04/30/2012 - 1:19pm


The lexicon of Oriental carpets gives us many sumptuous words on which to feast: words like abrash, amulet, weft and lanolin; words like Soumac and spandrel, kilim and Qashqai. At Kristen’s suggestion, I plucked three words from her glossary and used them as inspiration for three pieces of flash fiction. Today's word is "amulet." 


Amulet- (n) a small object said to carry magical properties, sometimes used to hold religious relics or shamanistic inscriptions; often represented as a triangle 


To the left we’ve included photographs of three pieces that incorporate amulets into their designs: a Turkish Tree of Life carpet, an Afghani Ikat carpet, and an embroidered Turkoman hat with an amulet sewn onto the crown. We’ll post the other "word stories" over the next couple of weeks. Happy reading! 


The best day of the old woman’s year was the day the little grey bird flew in through the open French doors and landed on the painting of her granddaughter, who was now calling herself an Atheist. She was always looking for signs, the old woman, messages from God. The bird was not to be ignored. She took a picture of it before her neighbor came over with his rawhide gloves to extract the creature and release it into the day again. “Birds have very small brains,” he said, rather oddly. The old woman kept the photo in her pocket wherever she went. When she understood what the bird was trying to tell her, she would call her granddaughter, so that she could know too. This is what God wanted her to do.


-Andrea O. Bullard


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