Antique Kilims With A Surprisingly Modern Flavor
Wed, 04/11/2012 - 11:37pm






During her stay in California Kristen came face to face with some of the world’s oldest living organisms, walked alongside spritely coastal flora and scaled a lighthouse dripping with prisms. And she wasn’t about to leave San Francisco without first taking a spin through the Anatolian kilim exhibit at the de Young museum.


What’s most interesting about this mesmerizing selection of pieces from the 14th through 19th century is the sophistication of the designs. Every single one of these kilims predates the abstract expressionist movement by at least 50 years and yet many of them possess striking similarities to the work of Hans Hofmann, Clyfford Still, and Mark Rothko.


We’ve selected a few of our favorites from the show. Enjoy!

-Andrea O. Bullard


Posted By Kristen