ABOUT US: Our Travel Album 2

Kristen examining traditional Oya scarves in another textile shop somewhere in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


Afternoon walk through the back streets of Istanbul.


Man moving goods gets the right of way?


Süleymaniye’s Mosque, Istanbul.


Sweet shop window in Istanbul.


Kristen selecting Ikat pillows in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.


Domes of Süleymaniye’s Mosque, Istanbul.


Detail of decorated ceilings in Süleymaniye’s Mosque, Istanbul.


Looking out from rooftop to Bosphorus, Turkey.


A lively group of Turkish women touring Aya Sofya.


Painted ceiling in Süleymaniye’s Mosque, Istanbul.


Perfectly shaped mounds of spices in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar.


Looking out a window from the second floor gallery of Aya Sofya to the Blue Mosque.


Istanbul’s Aya Sofya lit at dusk.


The Grand Bazaar. 


Painted ceiling in Süleymaniye’s Mosque, Istanbul.


Carpets for sale outside the Arasta Bazaar, Istanbul.


Minarets and Obelisk seen from the Hippodrome.


Wedding dress shop guarded by taxidermy goats, Istanbul.


Ceiling dome of Aya Sofya.


Quiet courtyard outside the Grand Bazaar.


Colorful stack of new kilims found in Istanbul.


Tile designs painted on gas tanks, Istanbul.


Painted donkey wagon filled with begonias parked on a side street.


Lunchtime meal of rice and beans.