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Kristen studying her notes at the Kybele Hotel in Istanbul.


Entrance to The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


Train station somewhere in Turkey’s interior.


Kristen walking through Hagia Sofia, Istanbul.


Wood burning stove in a yurt, Konya, Turkey.


Courtyard at Süleymaniye Mosque, Instanbul.


Rumi’s Tomb in Konya, Turkey.


Searching for textiles in the outskirts of The Grand Bazaar, Instanbul.


Red Church, a 6th century church in Güzelyürt, Turkey.


Living room yurt in Konya, Turkey.


Resting at a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.


Harvested walnut skins used to dye skeins of wool black and brown.


Inside the walls of karavansariye in Sutlanhani, Turkey.


Cave home in Güzelyürt, Turkey.


Arches on Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul.


Minaret down in a valley, Güzelyürt, Turkey.


Entrance to karavansariye in Sutlanhani, Turkey.


Camel ride in Göreme, Turkey.


City street in Konya, Turkey.


Süleymaniye Mosque cemetery.


Mosque at twilight, Güzelyürt, Turkey.


Kristen resting at the Kybele Hotel, Instanbul.


Carved stamp found in the outskirts of The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.


Steps up inside wall of karavansariye in Sutlanhani, Turkey.


“otel parking” at Hotel Karballa, once a Greek monestary in Güzelyürt, Turkey.