Come into O’Bannon’s with yours eyes closed. Then inhale. The best way to understand the quality of O’Bannon’s Oriental rugs may be to focus on the aroma that greets you when you walk into our shop. The earthy, nutty, organic aromas envelope you even before you see the patterns and feel the wools. You’re surrounded by a richness and subtlety that can only come from hand craftsmanship, natural materials, and time-honored traditions.

The difference with O’Bannon’s comes when you open your eyes and experience the warmth, variety, and energy of our unique selection of carpets, kilims, and special pieces. If you’re unused to modern Oriental carpets, you’ll probably be surprised by the warmth and vibrancy of today’s natural colors, and by the creativity and personality expressed in the modern and classic designs.

Our taste and yours
Our carpets come chiefly from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. We carry classic styles and color schemes that have always been favorites. At the same time we’re constantly looking for the exciting and new. We carry vibrant Gabbehs, rugs inspired by Central Asian textile designs, and other new pieces that combine natural materials, subtle hand crafting, and lasting value.

We love the oddballs too, including geometric tribal pieces and sampler carpets. Our collection is an ever-changing dialog between what moves us and what our clients love.

What we can do for you
Whether you’re furnishing a family home or just starting out in your first apartment, there’s a solution from O’Bannon’s that will meet your taste and budget.

Your biggest challenge may be how to decide. We can help with that. O’Bannon’s has been finding unique designs to fit unique homes for nearly 40 years. We’ll spend the time it takes to understand your decorating needs, your budget — even your outlook on life, if you feel like sharing — whatever it takes to find the right piece of this amazing art for your home.