Fri, 09/30/2011 - 4:04pm
Our new sari silk kilims are the decorative equivalent of a shot of espresso. Place one at the side of your bed, and you’ll actually want to climb out each morning. Hand-woven in India, these vibrant pieces will infuse your living space with energy for decades to come. Use them to brighten entryways, elongate hallways, or soften tiled and hardwood surfaces. They add zest to carpeted spaces as well and look beautiful when laid before fireplaces or mantles.
What exactly is a kilim, you ask? It’s a flatwoven rug, which means it lacks knotted pile. We have pieces available in the shop, but you can order them in any dimensions in seven vibrant colors: Bahaar (Green), Firooze (Turquoise), Cindoor (Red), Zafran (Orange), Liquid Gold, Fuchsia and Cabaret (Like the wine).  
-Andrea O. Bullard


Posted By Kristen

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